FREE Latvian language courses



The project is being financially supported by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

The present publication is made with the support of financial instrument of European Economical zone and Latvian state.  The partner is Daugavpils City Council. For the content of publication is responsible the society “ERFOLG”.

The society „ERFOLG” offers FREE LATVIAN LANGUAGE COURSES within the project „The integration of ethnic minorities in Latgale region: cooperation possibilities of NGO for the solution of problems”

FREE Latvian language courses (Level A2 and B1)
All interested aged 18 and over are welcome!

already IN DECEMBER!
Lengths of course – 80 academic hours.

PARTICIPATION – come and fill in the participant application and test for the determination of the knowledge level of language!

The participants will get the certificates at the end of the course!

Within the programme you will acquire:

  • The Basics of Latvian language;
  • The ability to communicate in Latvian in different situations, the ability to express and prove your opinion in different situations (real life situations);

Learning process will include the following activities: practical exercises, listening exercises, discussions, analysis of the situations.

Within the course you will:

  • Free and fluently communicate in Latvian;
  • Acquire different topics;
  • Be competent in the field of Latvian traditions and culture.

COME and JOIN us!  The places are limited!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

Society „ERFOLG”
Phone: 65420019, 20371892.
Address: Cietokšņa Street 44, Daugavpils