Saint Martin event

logo_youth_erfolgmartinDienaOn 11th November is the Lacplesis diena in Latvia. In Germany this day is dedicated to the Saint Martin. The European volunteers of the society “Erfolg” organized a handicraft workshop and after the procession through the city a presentation about Saint Martin and the traditions on this day in Germany.

At 3 o’clock the handicraft workshop started. Because it is a tradition in Germany to have a lantern procession on this day, the volunteers offered to make a Martin lantern together with the children.

martinDiena1After that some of the members of the society took part in the torch march of the city. Thereafter, everybody met again in the house of the society to listen to the presentation about Saint Martin in Germany. The guests had also the possibility to try traditional Martin pastries. In the end, the group “Lorelei” sang a few songs.


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