Mrs. Andrea Wiktorin visited the war memorials in Daugavpils

The German ambassador, Mrs. Andrea Wiktorin, visited the war memorials on the cemeteries of dead soldiers in Daugavpils On Tuesday, 15th October, the German ambassador and historian, Mrs. Andrea Wiktorin, showed her respect for the victims of the First and Second World War, as a representative of the German nation. She put flowers and devoted time to read the names written on the stones. The diplomat is very interested in history and she paid her last respect to the dead Latvian, German, Austrian, Russian and Turkish soldiers. Above all she mentioned the Jewish victims, when she visited the old Jewish graveyard. Her visit has a special worth for Daugavpils and it was an important act for the right dealing with the history of Germany and Latvia. Also our German association “ERFOLG”, which she visited one day before, was very happy about her interest and recognition. We were really proud to welcome her in Daugavpils. Association of the Dünaburg Germans “ERFOLG” Cietoksna 44. 5400 Daugavpils, Latvia. Tel.: 00371 20371892 E-mail :