Diary of Summer School of Carnival of Culture 09.07. – 13.07. /16.07.-20.07.

Yesterday we started our new summer school. It will be about different cultures, each day we will be involved in a different one. But we start our day planning a travel, it means that each of them will travel somewhere and they should plan it themselves. Our children will “visit” Berlin, Paris, Rome, Barcelona or Moscow. We only looked for these cities on the map and we spoke about what they already knew.
After lunch we “traveled” to Mexico!! They created the flag, they danced traditional music and we also played some traditional games! Let’s see which country we will travel today!!


Summer school “Culture ”

Thursday in our summer school. As all the mornings we started with some sport and games to make our children to wake up! After that they were preparing their presentation about their “trip” for telling their mates. After that they learnt a bit of German history and of course their daily german lesson.
To finish the day we traveled to India! We colored the flag, after this we created a typical Indian necklace with paper flowers, we spoke about “Holi festival” and we threw away the stress drawing some mandalas.


Our first week in multicultural summer school is over!! We really enjoyed our time, traveling to different countries. First they showed others their presentation about the travel that they planned. We learnt lots of things!! In this last day we travel to Egypt, where our teacher Vika told us an interesting story and She showed us a nice book about this country. After that we learnt how to write with hieroglyph and later we watched “Tadeo Jones” where they could learn new things about Egypt. To finish the last day, we gave them a diploma to remember this amazing week and a badge like as a present. Now, we are prepared to start traveling one more week!


Time for traveling to Africa! Yesterday we started the day planning where they will travel this week. We have four groups and they will “travel” to Seville, Florence, New York or London. They started thinking what they need or what they have to prepare. After that they learnt a tradition in Germany when children start the school: “”. And finally we visit a new country, Kenya!! We created the flag and then we made our own traditional necklace. Everything was full of colour!!


Our traveling time is almost finished!! We started the day with our daily sport games and then our children created their own passport because without it they can’t travel! They also continued preparing their trip. After German lesson we prepare everything to go to Spain!! Our volunteer Ana, who is Spanish, danced with them and all together made a typical flower which are wearing by “Flamencas”.

Last day in our summer school “Carousel of cultures – school of the travelers”.
We started the day with our daily sport games and then we discovered who was our “Secret friend”. After that our children created their own badge to remember this summer school. And after German lesson and lunch we were prepared to “travel”. Our children presented their trip to different countries and places: Bayern, New-York, Japan, Florence and London.
To end the week we went to the lake for swimming, our children were really excited, but the rain didn’t allow us stay longer. It was really funny – swimming with rain!




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