Diary of Summer School of new Habits 18.06. – 22.06./ 25.06.-29.06.

First day in our Summer School.

Today we worked with healthy/unhealthy food. First we played some outdoor games to get a healthy diet through pictures. After that our children took their first German lesson and finally we enjoyed Wall-E movie to learn about recycling in the funniest way


We spend our third day in the summer school speaking about recycling. We learnt how to sort out rubbish and then we created our own trash bins for the office (for paper, plastic and organic rubbish). Then we continued the day with the daily German lesson and after that, we gave a new life to plastic bottles. We painted the plastic bottles, creating a bowling game, and after that we played Bowling outside. We had a winner, Kristina!!!


Fourth day at summer school. We learnt and remembered cleaning habits. We watched a video about it and then we were thinking about which food make our teeth dirty and which are not bad. After German lesson we created some puppets from old socks and performanced advices about good habits.


Our first week in summer school is over. We started the day creating games with reused paper and playing with them. After the German lesson kids created their own badges as a presents and we handed over a diploma as a reminder of our funny week.


Second week of summer school. We started meeting new friends who will be with us this week. After that, we continued speaking about the importance of daily sport and of course, we practiced some. Like every day after lunch kids had their German lesson and the last part of the day we cooked a funny recipe, of course also healthy. Our children love fruit!


Yesterday was the day all of our children were waiting for…Lake day!! We started the day full of energy playing some games to wake up. After that they continued with their German lesson and after lunch directly to the lake!!
We went by tram all together and there they didn’t stop playing and swimming, such as funny day!!



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