Activities of project „Ambassadors of European culture” have finished successfully

1Activities of project „Ambassadors of European culture” have finished successfully
The Society „Erfolg” with the support of „Erasmus +” program organized the international youth exchange project „Ambassadors of European culture”. From 13th till 24th October, 24 participants from Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria and Latvia gathered in Daugavpils and during the time of 10 days fit into role of ambassadors of culture, sharing and obtaining new knowledge about other cultures. Even if all project participant countries are united in European Union, there still can be seen difference and uniqueness of cultures and traditions. It could be seen during the project activities, while sharing language peculiarities, observing national dances and trying treats, which participants brought from their countries.
From the beginning with the help of brainstorming activities participants got acquainted with the definition of culture as such, getting to know seen and unseen sides of culture, so that the next day they could begin to learn more about every participating country separately. First country, about which youth learned more, was Romania. Participants learned about national dances and outdoor games, which was very successful despite of cold weather. After dances and games participants tried treats which were brought by Romanians.
Next day was marked in colours of Czech Republic. Participants played question game with gifts after watching funny and interesting videos about Czech Republic. After games participants learned Czech national dances and songs, what was followed by traditional Czech treats.
During the next, already 5th day participants had several outdoor activities. At the beginning participants went to fashion exhibition „Chest of memory”, where participants could try on any from offered historical costumes and take photos. It was followed by tram excursion through Daugavpils and excursion to tram depot. At the end of the day participants played a game about stereotypes „Tram to Moscow”.
Participants from Bulgaria prepared interesting and funny presentation about their country and finished it with attractive quiz. As usual it was followed by the table of Bulgarian treats.
Within the project was also prepared presentation of Latvian culture. After interesting presentation and attractive videos, to participants was shown a technique of making traditional Latvian decorations from straw. Every participant could use the possibility to make a gift for themselves. Latvian dances were presented and participants were treated with homemade layered rye-bread dessert and other treats at the end of the day.
At the end of the project activities participants went to orphanage „Priedīte”, where they shared with their national dances and games, taught to children different words in different languages and drew together. As it was the last day which participants spent together, they spent a lot of time talking to each other, shared future plans and discussed possibilities of seeing each other in the nearest future.
Besides the presentations of cultures of different countries during the project time were visited such places and institutions as Daugavpils Regional and Art Museum, Clay art centre, Daugavpils Fortress and Mark Rothko Art centre, Latvian house etc.
During the last evening of activities, upcoming moment of leaving was sweetened by wonderful dinner in restaurant „Čili pica” and a thought of soon reunion.

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