Erasmus + project “The CLOWN with me…!” in Daugavpils, Latvia 20/10/2017 – 31/10/2017

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Last autumn 20/10/2017 – 31/10/2017 in Daugavpils, Latvia has happened youth exchanged project about clowning “The CLOWN with me…!”. Project was organized by Daugavpils youth society “Serge Lee art synthesis” with partner organization from Great Britain „Subtiluship C.I.C.„, organization from Italy „ASSOCIAZIONE OTTOVOLANTE” and german society “Erfolg”. The project is implemented with financial support of the ERASMUS+ programme. There were 25 young people participating from 17-30 years old, representing their countries – Latvia, Great Britain and Italy.
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The aim of the project was to introduce a clown role in the public life and in the field of health, thus promoting youth creativity, personal growth and skills, to encourage young people to participate in the public life in their own countries as well as in the European level.
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Main project activities was: ice – breaking activities, uniting activities, making the acquaintance with a professional clown, the acquiring different styles of the clown work, choreography classes, Dr. Clown’s performance in the hospital, Clown’s show in the children’s community “Priedīte”, Clowns show and flesh mob in the Central shopping centre of the Daugavpils city.

Methods used in the project were discussions, presentations, sketches, different kind of staging, brainstorm, experience stories and experience in exchange, group work.

As a result young people were broadened their horizons, expanded their creativity and increased competitiveness. Organizations were raised their capacity, got important European experience organizing this project, organizations was exchanged their contacts, experience and other information. All project participants got YOUTHPASS certificate.