Presentation about German cuisine

1_minSeptember – “Month of Germany” – presentation about German cuisine

“ERFOLG” presented typical German dishes in an intercultural evening

On Friday, the 13rd of September, at 6 o’clock pm, an intercultural evening about the German kitchen took place in our German association “ERFOLG”.

image006During one hour the participants were sent on a culinary journey trough Germany, guided by our German volunteers Nikolas and Therese. A power point presentation gained our visitors an overview of typical German food. In a quiz everybody had to decide, what is well known in Germany and what is not traditional. After this we made a potato salad by ourselves. A little German language school followed – every participant presented his or her favourite dish in German!

Last but not least everybody had the chance to taste some German snacks and the self made potato salad with sausages.

We exchanged recipes and personal experiences with German food.image008

All in all it was a very interesting and multicultural evening and we hope our visitors acquired a taste for German culture and food! We thank you for your participation and your interest in German traditions!

We are looking forward to see you again soon!

Your “ERFOLG” team.

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