SOPRO NGO looking for Latvian Volunteer for Project Approved in Portugal!

We are SOPRO – Solidarity and Promotion , was founded in 1996, has its headquarters in Barcelos  city, Portugal. A  SOPROis recognized as a Non Governmental Organization for Development (NGO)  with the Statute of Public Utility Entity, Nonprofit . Has a Accreditation for EVS under Youth in Action (LLP-EVS-CHARTER) 2014-1-PT02-KA110-002125

At this time we have the project BE SOPRO approved, but we haven t yet found a Latvian volunteer. We hereby invite you to work with SOPRO by sending a volunteer between the ages of 18 and 30, legally resident in Latvia and willing to work with children organizing sporting and artistic activities.
Annex follows the infopack and SOPRO ID. The Be SOPRO start date has already been exceeded, will have a different start date for the Latvian volunteer, who will work with two Italian volunteers who have already started the project.
We are available for any other clarification and we also show interest in working in the future on other projects Erasmus +
Be SOPRO InfoPack EVS 2017/18.pdf>>>png
ID.SOPRO.pdf>>> png