The activities of the project „Pieces of the Same Puzzle” has successfully ended.

The activities of the project „Pieces of the Same Puzzle” has successfully ended.

From 5th to 13th of May, in Turkish town Duzce has happened the youth exchange „Pieces of Same Puzzle”, which was funded by ERASMUS+ programme and by Turkish National Agency. In Project participated 48 young people from different countries: Latvia, Italy, Macedonia, Turkey, Bulgary, Spain, Estonia and Czech Republic. The youth from the society ERFOLG also has participated in the project.

The theme of the project was children autism – participants have seen what autism it not a contagious disease, which is common stereotype in the society, and people with autism also feel, think and can be happy. Also youngsters have understood what autistic people have unique talents, and with the proper training they can actively participate in the life of the society. Youth have participated in a flash-mob and has filmed an informative video about autism, and also listened an inspiring life stories told by parents of autistic children and visited the Centre for autistic people in Duzce. Gained knowledge’s will definetly help participants in their further life. Also thanks to the project, the number of people who are knowledgeable and conscious about autism has also increased. Below you can read the review of the one of the project participants:

«Group from Latvia with support of „ERFOLG” society had oppurtunity to travel in Turkey, Duzce one week ago. It was an amazing ERASMUS+ project with 8 different countries. The aim of this project was get answer in this question “How society could help people, who have autism?” To my mind, nowadays everybody needs to be a part of society, without discrimination and rights suppressing, therefore the name of this project was “Pieces of Same Puzzles”. During this time we had cultural evenings, different trips and workshops. In my humble opinion, it was not only useful, but an exciting project too. We met a lot of new people, built contacts. We will remember this project! Thanks to „ERFOLG” society and Turkey!

Of course the ERFOLG society will continue to send the youth on the projects in other countries, as well as it will continue to organize the youth exchanges by itself.

Author of the review: Ecatherine – Ksenia Baranovska.