State holiday of “ERFOLG” country

image002 National holiday of state “ERFOLG” Every enterprise and every society has its own traditions and internal holidays and the society “ERFOLG” is not an exception. Our traditional holiday is successful submission of the European projects and it is celebrated with the corporate event. 21The submission of the projects of this quarter was joyfully celebrated this Friday on 11th of October. What to do, if you are going to spend time in friendly collective? To drink tea with snacks and play some games. It all was included in the programme but it could be done with the similar success in any other evening. Of course, it is better when all games are planned beforehand but nevertheless it’s not primary motive to organize the corporate event. As a matter of fact it is called as corporate event for a reason! Parties have their own theme very often. The theme of our party was “state”, and this time for state was announced o22ur society. Our state as every state had its own government which concluded of volunteers and society workers. European volunteers got the ambassador posts of their
countries, local volunteers became ministers according to their talents and duties. The newly made Saeima was announced by its prime-minister Olga Jesse and speaker Oleg Litvinov.
During the corporate event we remembered the memorable and significant dates in society “ERFOLG” life, filled in comic questionnaires which helped us to find out the appearance and personality of average statistical member of society, presented some gifts etc. At the beginning was planned to organize the event for one 23and a half or two hours, but the event continued till the late night and at the same time none was bored: not leadership, not workers, not Daugavpils citizens, not foreigners. The time went by too fast. When got dark outside the party moved from society “ERFOLG” rooms to cafe “Chilly Pizza” and the party continued there. Within the party the number of people didn’t decrease, and if someone went home they were replaced by new people, who came to communicate with the society “ERFOLG” workers. Society “ERFOLG” workers expressed wish and supported the organization of that kind of corporate events more often. Well, it’s all in our hands!