The integration of ethnic minorities in Latgale region




The project is being financially supported by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

The present publication is made with the support of financial instrument of European Economical zone and Latvian state.  The partner is Daugavpils City Council. For the content of publication is responsible the society “ERFOLG”.

„The integration of ethnic minorities in Latgale region: cooperation possibilities of NGO for the solution of problems”

The society „ERFOLG” is implementing in Daugavpils the project „The integration of ethnic minorities in Latgale region: cooperation possibilities of NGO for the solution of problems” from 01.11.2014 to 01.11.2015. 

The aim of the project is to integrate the representatives of the ethnic minorities into life of Latgale region, acquainting them with the Latvian culture, traditions, language, as well as to promote the cooperation between the representatives of ethnic minorities for the solution of problems and raising of NGO capacity by presenting their culture to the inhabitants of Latgale region.

Within the activities of the project will participate wide audience: 6-12 years old children of representatives of ethnic minorities, youth, adults (from 18 years) and NGOs, which represent minorities.

The project activities will promote the dialogue between the representatives of different NGOs, will help to develop the effective solutions for people with different culture and traditions. The participants will have the possibility to study Latvian, to get to know more about Latvian culture and traditions, to visit cultural objects in Latgale region during the project. It will effectively help the representatives of minorities to integrate them into the society, because exactly through the language, history and communication occurs the process of creation of united society.

The planned activities:

Activities for adults (from 18 years)  

  • Latvian language courses for representatives of ethnic minorities (Level A2 and B1).
  • The certificates will be issued after the courses!

Period: December 2014 – April 2015

Activities for children (6 – 12 years)

Non-formal educational school:

  • Latvian language studies,
  • Indoor and outdoor activities,
  • Excursions in Daugavpils and Latgale.

School will last 3 weeks in June.

  • Contest of drawings „Variety of cultures” (September 2015)

Activities for Non-governmental Organisations, which are working in the field of minorities

  • Ball of Culture (Mai 2015);
  • Creation of coordination Council between NGOs (November 2014 – Mai 2015);
  • Conclusion of Cooperation agreement between NGOs (Mai 2015);
  • Trainings „Strengthening conception of NGOs capacity” (June-September 2015);
  • Meeting of NGOs representatives (coordination council) with the representatives of  Daugavpils, Jekabpils and Rezekne Councils (September – November 2015);
  • NGOs forum (November 2015).

Within the project will be created:

  • Informative calendar „National minorities in Latgale”,
  • Film about the in latgale region living ethnic minorities „Cultural heritage of Latgale”.

Additional information:
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Address: Cietoksna Street 44, Daugavpils
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