Interview with Anna Rekhviashvili

logo-Jaunatne-Darbiba‘’Erfolg’’  takes an interview to Ana      Raviashvilli.

Ana came to Latvia as volunteer and we would like to ask a couple questions to her.

Ana where are you come from?

From Georgia.ana

Why are you left your contry?

Because , I would like to prove myself as a

volunteer. I would like to visit Latvia and to become acquainted with different people.

Why you choose to come to Latvia?

Because , I became interested in this country. I would like to know Latvia better. Latvia has a beautiful nature and interesting culture.

You said that you would like to be a volunteer. Why you choose such kind of activity?

First of all it is because I can meet new people. There are many opportunities to reveal myself in different ways. I believe that learning something new is always useful.

Tell us a little about yourself:
Where are you studying?

I have graduated  the State University named after Ivan Javakhishvili, Tbilisi. Faculty of English Language and Literature .
What are your plans for the future?
Currently,  I am working as an English teacher . But now I am going to  try out a new profession , for example,  job in  international sphere attracts me more.

Where do you see yourself after 5 years?

I work at NATO or the European Union embassy.

Now Tell us a little about Georgia , we know that Georgia is so far away from Latvia. How you can describe it’s climate ?

gruziaThe winters are quite warm . The entire surface of Georgia is relief . Very beautiful nature . Georgia borders  Black Sea. Climate helps to keep good health, that’s why Georgia is a lure for tourists.
What features Georgia has?
First of all, food in Georgia is very tasty. For example, such dishes as: hinkali , churchhella and chacha  are very common. Also Georgia may call as country of water and wine.
Georgians are  hospitable and generous .
Ana, thank you for the interesting interview . We wish you success in all your ways!

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