Interview with Maria Do Carmo Pascoa


In the network of project „Youth in Action”, 15th of May in the „Erfolg” community was arrived volunteer from  Portugalia, Maria Do Carmo Pascoa. I asked Maria to tell us some about herself and here is the following interview.

Maria, please, tell about herself.

I live and study in big city – Coimbra, it also known as „city of students”, the Coimbrian university is one of the oldest universities in the Europe. Unlike your city, our city is not so green, but it is bigger than Daugavpils, and also it is located on hills, and in this case it is very similar to San Francisco. I’m studying jurisprudence but I don’t want to become a lawyer, because I think it is very boring work, and lawyers do more paperwork than really help people. I want to work with children somewhere in Mozambique and teach them Portuguese, or work with orphans.

I love music – rock (especially British rock) and classical music. My favourite music band is „The Beatles”, even my dog is called Ringo (smiling). I also love cinematography, and my favourite film directors are Tim Burton and Quentin Tarantino. I also engage in sports – kayaking (rafting in boat (kayak) on the rapid river).

Do you like Daugavpils?

Your city is beautiful, safe, and green. In Daugavpils are all things what young people need – shopping centres, night clubs, etc. Local people are wonderful and kindhearted, and they always are ready to help foreigners. In Portugalia people speak too loud and laugh, but in Latvia people are more self-contained and smile seldom. When I was arrived in Latvia I also started express my emotions not so vividly, as i do it in my homeland  – there are such phrase as „In Roma, prudenter quasi cives romanus” (when in Rome, do as the Romans do.).

Why you decided to become a volunteer?

For me it was a challenge – to work as a volunteer in absolutely unfamiliar country. It was totally new expirience for me. Moreover now I have a great chance to visit Saint-Petersburg.  As the matter of fact, I always wanted it!

Do you like to work in „Erfolg” community? What are your impression about „Erfolg’s”command? What do you do there?

Yes, I like to work here. People there are very responsive and always help me, if I don’t know or understand something. „Erfolg’s” command is very friendly. Here I teach people English, and learn Russian and Latvian languages, work with the children, and also one way ore another contribute in social life of Daugavpils city.

What did make you shocked or remained a negative impression in Latvia?

I was shocked by prices, first of all, I thought your prices are less than in Portugalia but it turned out quite the contrary…

But negative impressions I got from the local drivers who don’t stop on the pedestrian crossing although such appearence are in Portugalia too.

Did you like the action of trees decoration in tehnique „Urban Knitting” on the Town Holiday (June 8th 2013) in Daugavpils?

Yes, I like. In that day was very hot weather but it was joyous! In the Town Holiday most of all I like two events – „Brainstorm’s” concert and concert in „Latin rhytms” on the central square. I also was lucked to see the first in history of the town parade of undertakers. Unfortunatelly, I didn’t  to come in view of fireworks.

Thank you for the interview, Maria!

You’re welcome!

Well, let wish Maria success in creative work and further work!