Volunteer Ana Ramírez Fernández about the results of the project „Children are the future of Europe”

In the Society „ERFOLG” was organized European Voluntary Service project „Children are the future of Europe”

Project participant was Ana Ramírez Fernández:

  1. Volunteer from Spain, activities were organized 14.04.2018. – 05.09.2019. , sending organization “ASSOCIACION AMIGOS DE EUROPA”.

 Project activities: during the project volunteer participated in language courses, organized activities for children and youth, prepared programs, assisted during the children schools and international youth exchanges, helped to prepare projects, that  gave useful skills in multicultural communication, she was learning how to make a cooperation between people from different countries and with different cultures. She made posters and booklet, made photos, prepared articles, organized discussion clubs, cultural evenings. She had time to prepare their own ideas and time to fill Youthpass diary. Volunteer made presentations about EVS and ERASMUS+ and presented it. She was assisting in preparing advertisement for society “ERFOLG” in English and sended information to society’s international partners. She evaluated project activities in groups, with mentors and individually.

 Aims of the project:

 – to promote intercultural dialogue between volunteers from different countries and Latvian inhabitants;

 – to promote cooperation and tolerance between volunteers – representatives of different countries;

 – to motivate young people to be active and take part in non-formal education and in social life, to develop their competences that will help them to make a successful career in the future;

 – to provide information about Latvian history, culture, traditions and language.

 Project duration: 01.01.2018.-31.07.2019.

 Project methodology: ice breaking activities; sport activities; non-formal activities; games, that promote cooperation and communication between participants; presentations; discussions; public events; creating of posters/flyers; creation of booklet; work in groups; brain storm; non-formal evaluation activities; quizzes; organisation of national evenings; presentations of cultures, traditions; creative workshops; questionnaire; non – formal communication. 

 Project results: during the project volunteer  learned more about Latvian culture and traditions, worked in multicultural atmosphere and became more tolerant. EVS helped volunteer to choose their path in life, she understand what is more interesting for her. She was learning more about ERASMUS+ and opportunities of this program. She improved their knowledge of English language. She developed initiative, communication and organizational skills and was learning more about non-formal education and methodology. She  learned how to make public presentations. Ana got useful experience and knowledge that will help to get education and make a successful carrier.

 Impact of the project: project activities had the impact not only for participants of the project, but also for people who will work together with volunteers in society “ERFOLG” during the project. Impact of the project also concerned local people who took part in activities organizing by volunteer, for example discussion clubs, intercultural evenings, creative workshops.

 Long – term effect: during the project young people got knowledge and skills that will help them in the future to make a successful career, volunteer improved  language skills . Society “ERFOLG”  got useful experience in organizing EVS project and hosting volunteers .

More about Anas experiences you can see in the presentation.


The project is implemented with financial support of the ERASMUS+ programmeErasmus+_