“WONDERS OF WINTER” in Daugavpils

Within the youth exchange project “WONDERS OF WINTER” there were 30 young people participating from 18-30 years old, representing countries like Latvia, Portugal, Spain, Macedonia and Romania. Through the indoor and outdoor activities of healthy lifestyle, activities helped to develop skills and abilities, promoted personal growth, helped to popularize healthy lifestyle among the inhabitants of Daugavpils city, promoted the physical activities and updated the recommendations on the healthy food for different groups of society.


The aim of the project was to promote healthy and active lifestyle of young people, improving the life quality in general.

The aim was achieved through the following activities:

– by improving skills and abilities of young people about the healthy lifestyle through the indoor and outdoor winter activities;

– by providing development of the skills and abilities of young people and personal growth;

– by popularization of healthy lifestyle among the inhabitants of Daugavpils city;

– by organizing activities on promotion of physical activities;

– by updating the recommendations on the healthy food for different groups of society;

– by promoting creativeness and culture;

– by promoting intercultural dialogue, social inclusion and solidarity;

– by ensuring youth exchange project. There were young people from Latvia and other European countries involved;

– by promoting intercultural communication by finding out different cultures of Europe;

– by exploring possibilities to satisfy their necessities for knowledge, skills and abilities about health, healthy and active lifestyle; improvement of life quality.

– by making social work and ensuring the activities of final event and successfully organize the public event.


Methods used in the project (brainstorming, discussions, interviews, individual work, pair work, group work and teamwork, ice-breaking, team making activities, energizers, creative workshops, presentations, games, world café etc.) promoted intercultural dialogue and youth mobility. There were ensured the development of skills and abilities and personal growth of young people, as well as achieved the stated aim – to promote the healthy and active lifestyle of young people, improving their life quality in general.


The main activities were focused on education of young people and participation in the following activities: visiting Daugavpils Olympic Centre, street interview, visiting of bath-house, “Real adventure”, flash mob on the ski route in Stropi: “Snowmen for the active lifestyle!”, “We choose healthy food”, organization of public event “Snow day” for inhabitants of Daugavpils city: sport and environmental games, creative workshops, etc.

The participants got the experience and knowledge to participate in making better life conditions and friendly environment in their regions, cities and countries at the end of the project. The activities helped young people to understand better their motivation, as well as acquired necessary skills for teambuilding. The gained knowledge and skills in the project, ensured sustainability of results on the level of each participant and level of their social networks. Within the project the young people developed their personal growth, skills and abilities, gained useful knowledge and experience, as well as proved themselves.

The project was co-funded by the European Union: Erasmus+ programme