Erasmus+ project „Activate your soft skills”


Erasmus+ project „Activate your soft skills”

From 17 till 26 April 2017 I participated in Erasmus+: Youth in Action project in Greece, in town Gannitsa. The title of the project is „Activate your soft skills” and it includes education of communication, precisely, interrelated communication, conflict management, entrepreneurship, leading, initiative and intercultural communication. In this kind of project, I participated for the first time.

My impressions about the project are very bright, with many nice memories and gained skills. I enjoyed Greece, as well as project program and getting to know project participants and the organisators.

I would like to tell a huge thank you to the project organisators, because they were always listening to us and tried to adapt to the group and its needs. For everybody was found a specific approach, solved problems and even made some whims (e.g. in meals). I really liked, that we had our meals in different places, not only in the hotel, thus providing us with possibility to see the city and get to know it.

It was useful to communicate with project participants, because they were of different ages (17-29 years old) and from different countries (Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Greece, Latvia). Thanks to that, it was challenging to complete project tasks, because every nation has its own values, beliefs and visions. This is the reason why compromise, discussion, initiative and psychology of conflict management are the main gain in this project.

I learned how to listen, understand, discuss, defend your own point of view and accept point of view of other people, find a middle ground correctly and make concessions of majority.

The trip was full of emotions, knowledge and touching as well.

Huge thanks to the organizers, society “ERFOLG” and Erasmus+: Youth in Action for such an opportunity to participate in this adventure.

Aelita Prokopenko (23, Jelgava)