Started the project of European Voluntary Service „Europe: step by step”

erasmusErfolgFrom 01.07.2014 to 30.06.2016 in society „ERFOLG” with the support of the programme „Erasmus+” will run the Project about the European Voluntary Service „Europe: step by step”.
Within the Project will work as volunteers in Daugavpils three young people from different countries Austria, Spain and Armenia. During the project the European volunteers will have the possibility to present themselves, to participate in different cultural and social activities, to help Daugavpils city citizens, gain new experience, as well as to make new friendships.

More information about the programme „Erasmus+” and the offered opportunities in the field of Voluntary Service you can find on

But the first volunteer of the project „Europe: step by step” Rene Dablander from Austria already shared his impressions about Latvia and his motivation to be a foreign volunteer in our country.

1)Rene tell me a little about yourself?

My name is Rene. I’m 24 years old and finished my education in Austria as a teacher in mathematics and history. I’m living in Vorarlberg. It’s a state in Austria. I love sports, especially fitness and climbing. But when I don’t do sports I’m reading, going out with my friends or go just for a walk in the nature

2.  When you arrived in Latvia what were your first impressions of this country?

I arrived in Latvia on the first August and my first impression was about the beautiful landscape of Latvia. I arrived with nearly no problems and I was quite happy that I was here. In my first night I went to one bar and it was an awesome night with new people.

3. Why did you choose Latvia?

Because Latvia was the first which replied with a YES you can come and I was really interested in the Latvian culture.

4. You already live in Daugavpils for 4 weeks, how do you like the city and the people?

The city is pretty amazing because where I live in Austria there are only 2000 people and I can do a lots of sports here. About the people I can’t say really much because I have to learn the Russian language first.

5. Why did you decided to become a volunteer?

I want to see other countries when I’m young and when I have a chance to do it. I also wanted to learn the Russian language and get a new view of the life.

6. What surprised you in Latvia?

Cheap food, cheap cigarettes and cheap alcohol. In Austria you pay nearly the double of your prices. And it was so hot in my first week I didn’t expected this, maybe 20 degrees but not 38… I was surprised that in Daugavpils nearly all people speak Russian and not the Latvian language.

7. How do you like to work in society “Erfolg”? What can you say about “Erfolg” working staff? What do you do in Society “Erfolg”?

I like working here because the people are very nice to the volunteers and I have every time something new to do. I can’t say really that much about my working place because I was so much busy the last month. The people help me with everything what I ask. It’s always funny to work with them. I was in my first 3 weeks in the summer school. In my 4th week I helped my mentor with an international exchange project.

8. How did you like work with children, “Children’s summer schools”? What are your impressions of it?

Work with children is amazing, maybe because I’m a teacher and I have to like it. And it wasn’t a big problem that I don’t understand them, because most of them can speak English. I think we all enjoyed the summer school because there was the possibility to participate in different activities with the children.

Thank you for the interview Rene!

You are always welcome!