Youth exchange project “Cool craft” in Daugavpils, Latvia 03.07.2018. – 11.07.2018.

Youth exchange project “Cool craft” in Daugavpils, Latvia

 03.07.2018. – 11.07.2018


The aim of the project is to organize region’s young people’s free time. The main theme of the project will be traditional crafts and self employment opportunities that will develop project participant’s imagination, skills, as well as give them a deeper picture of the multicultural environment.

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The main task of this project is to introduce young people to the ancient arts of traditional crafting. Explaining to them possibilities of the future if they choose to learn traditional crafting, to promote understanding and acceptance of different culture amongst young people, to give the opportunity to improve their language skills and give them basic understanding of traditional crafting that could prove useful when young people will start looking for their first jobs.

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The age of participants: 17 – 30 years. Partner countries: Lithuania, Poland and Latvia.

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The project objectives:

  • facilitate young people’s education on entrepreneurship;
  • facilitate young people’s leisure activities and develop their skills;
  • promote the socialization of young people;
  • update traditional craft concepts and with its help promote youth tolerance towards other cultures;
  • their mutual understanding and integration;
  • organize traditional crafting workshops and exhibition of creations by project participants.

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During the project activities non-formal education methods were used, thus facilitating and improving learning, acquisition of new knowledge.


Effect of the project: During the project participants learned more about craftsmanship. Also young people from different countries got new knowledge about other cultures, learned more about traditions of different countries, promoted youth tolerance, solidarity and inclusion. Everyone got Youthpass certificates.