Summer school “Snow White and the seven dwarfs”





Snow White and the seven dwarfs took a break to spend two weeks with children and share their life with them, between handicrafts, games and excursions.

DSCF1665A typical day starts at 9.00, ends at 16.00 and is divided into four parts. The first part is the German lesson led by the German volunteer Sophie Broeer. There were studied the following themes: colors, animals, days and months, children learned basic words and after the first day, they already knew how to introduce themselves and say “Auf Wiedersehen” instead of the traditional “До свидания”.              

The day continued with two hours devoted to handicrafts to develop the creativity of each and cooperation between children who must learn to share equipment and respect the work of others. Children used simple material like socks, bottles, napkins, wool… They are well aware of ecology and recycling! This time is also used to play the games inside and outside.

DSCF1863After a meal, French lesson began led by Amandine Boisson, the French volunteer. The German and French lessons had the similar topics; it’s easier for the children. It’s difficult to interest them to French language but it’s a good challenge and a good opportunity to share a culture.

Finally, the day ends with another handicraft or an excursion around Daugavpils. Children can express their creativity and their feelings by drawing on the floor and making a pop up card. They also discover various places as the center of Mark Rothko and ceramics center where they make their own ceramic objects after observing the actions of professionals.

The last day, a diploma is given to the children for their participation and their involvement in the different activities.

DSCF1875It’s always fun to work with children because they are spontaneous and they say exactly what they think…
And it was a good opportunity for animators to learn a few Russian words…