Competition around Eastern





Like in the years before, the society „ERFOLG” prepared and realized several events around the Eastern Time. There was also a competition about the topic „German Easter decoration”. Because its usual in Germany to craft Easter decoration with your family and decorate the house, the participants were invited to craft a decoration which they thought what it is a typical German Easter decoration. This competition was free for all. You had to give off your work until the 17th of April. There were 34 child aged between 5 and 14 years from all different kindergartens and schools from Daugavpils. From paintings to felted rabbits, everything was present.

The first place                                             Some works at the exhibition











At Eastern Sunday the society “ERFOLG” organized a workshop at the fairground of Daugavpils. There were all works exposed so that all people could see them. Besides that the participants were awarded. The second and third place got a painting book and the first place got a children`s book. In addition each participant got a certificate and a ginger breaded chick.

Altogether the competition was a total success and there will be one with another topic in the next year again.

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