“MAFIA” has come in town!

image002“MAFIA” has come in town!

Last Tuesday in “ERFOLG” community was passed event which has been never passed until now: the game “MAFIA”. The game was trial because organizers did not know how much successful event will be. However despite all the fears all was passed up to the mark!

DSCF1678The game “MAFIA” was created in the end of 80’s by Soviet psychologist-student who realized idea of well-known psychologist Leo Vigotsky in a form of game. It quickly spread from Russia to all over the World getting the large popularity within publics from different social classes.

In our city “MAFIA” was repeatedly passed and also was realized in the way of TV show – many citizens remember “mafia-type” parties on DautKom channel. However as it was stated above in “ERFOLG” community this game passed for the first time.

25On the game have come 7 people: it is not too much, but it is not too little. Parties are resulted shorts but very close and therefore they were lively and joyful. Presenter of the game Boris Lavrov changed a structure of roles and game rules from round to round not giving people to get bored and made the most interesting way for the people. After two and more hours of game all was satisfied and were decided “some day repeat that”.

It is worthy of note that it could be repeated. From now on “MAFIA” will be passed in community regularly. Next two games will take place 12th and 26th of November and we invite all ones who wish. First game passed very well and further it could be better!