International youth exchange project “Christmas is here”




From the 11th December to the 20th December 2014 the society “Erfolg” organized an DSCF5080ainternational youth exchange. The topic of the project was as the name “Christmas is here” already says Christmas and the pre-Christmas period. All in all 30 youngsters from Latvia, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Greece and Romania aged from 16 to 30 took part. In these days the different activities referred to Christmas traditions and customs helped them to prepare themselves for Christmas.

These Christmas activities included some handicraft work. The participants made Christmas cards, Christmas decoration and Christmas tree decoration. They also created and decorated ginger bread cookies. The programme also included some excursions. Thus, the youngsters visited Daugavpils Christmas market, the Ice hall and a clay art centre. A high school invited the youth exchange to the song and dance contest “Eiropas mirklis 2014” where the participants performed one song together.

DSCF4873aThanks to the many different nationalities in this project the participants had the opportunity to get to know different countries and cultures. There for every morning one national group presented the Christmas traditions of their country. Each group prepared also a cultural evening where they presented their country as such, their culture and traditions. The youngsters were creative and showed their traditions through games, songs and a lot of food.

The participants presented their countries once more at the Christmas party in Daugavpils university. They not only showed a performance which was related to their country but also had the chance to pass the acquired handicraft skills and ideas to the visitors of the event.

DSCF4510aTo conclude, the youth exchange was for all participants a good and pleasant preparation for Christmas. It also gave the youngsters the possibility to get to know different countries and cultures. This cultural exchange contributed to Europe’s community and solidarity.