Youth Exchange project „StreetArt”


logo-Jaunatne-DarbibaThe project started on 23rd and ended on 31th of August. The goal was to create a graffiti gallery and preparing its opening. A total of 30 young people from all over Europe were present, including people from the Czech Republic, Italy, Turkey, France and Latvia.

10606576The daily schedule of the project was very structured. At 9:00 o’clock there was breakfast and then the program started. On the first day, the participants were able to get in touch with eachother, the program was explained and the rules of the project were clarified. During the next three days the participants had the opportunity to improve their graffiti skills with a professional artist Edgars Losinski. They learned the history of graffiti and the basic technique.

When the weather was a little better the walls were prepared for the pictures. The participants had the first opportunity to try their graffiti skills. The participants had to learn a hiphop dance for a flash mob. Aleksandrs Luksa helped the young people and showed them how a hiphop dance should look like.

Because “streetart” not only means doing graffiti and hiphop, the participants had the chance to watch the moves of Aleksandrs Ivanov and his streetworkout group . Of course, the participants were able to try their own moves. It took 3 days until the graffiti gallery was completly finished. The weather was bad and it was raining very often during this time but the participants did not mind. Everyone had a great enthusiasm.

10570545The opening of the gallery was a complete success. The participants convinienced with their dance and the audience was fascinated by the images. The Latvian TV was also there and interviewed the young artists. After the opening the participants had a free evening. For a little culture and history experience the participants visited on the next day the Rothko museum and the fortress of Daugavpils.

At the last conservation all participants were were glad that they had the opportunity to be a part in this project. Many were delighted that they have designed something for eternity, because the walls are still standing a very long time in Daugavpils and will be seen by every passenger. A special thanks goes to the National Agency.  Without their financial benefit no project could be run.1059911