Mid-term training :))))))))Like a dream

image001Mid-term training :)))))))) Like a dream This March was memorable because of the unforgettable Mid-term training that took place in Kegums, in Umuri House. Every day I realize that EVS is like a beautiful dream and this training was another proof of that. Ok, let’s try to describe our lovely Mid-term 🙂 First of all, I will remind you that we had our On-arrival in the same place in Umuri. After the On-arrival we thought that we would never get back to that wonderful place and we were all like ‘if only we could come back here’ and ‘if only we could stay longer’. However, surprise, surprise! Our Mid-term took place in that wonderful guest house again.

image003I went to the training together with my flatmate Pia. We took the first train in the morning and arrived in Kegums at around 10 o’clock. Umuri house was all in snow and very, very beautiful of course. Needless to say how happy we were to see our friends and also some new EVS volunteers all very nice  Our first day started with a coffee break (lovely coffee breaks 🙂 ) and getting to know people we had not met before, including our image005wonderful trainers Ieva and Stas  We realized that this Mid-term was a completely Georgian Mid-term with Giorgi, Zura, Beka and me. We were four Georgians -the biggest team out there, something that does not happen every day here. To begin with, we passed the first half of the day with very good activities and really cool games like crossing the river and table game, which was really interesting although I did not try to accomplish the task- as it was physically very challenging. As for the evening, we played a very cool game called „psychologist” and Mafia and of course got to bed really late, even though we were tired. image007The second day was similarly cool. We talked about the Youthpass, how to complete it, describing every competence, something I found very useful. Moreover, we again had interesting games and many energizes. In the evening we enjoyed a lot as our hosts had a nice surprise for us. The crazy night was completed (already in the morning) with the coolest game in the world ‘Animals’ – we were so taken by the game that nobody wanted to sleep. The third day was the day of departure and we were all very sad and did not want to go at all. We had some games and activities in the first half of the day and then made plans for the rest of our EVS. Before we left, we had another tasty lunch (by the way, food at these trainings is amazing) and got ready to go, leaving our hearts behind 🙂 In the end, I want to say that these three days were really like a dream and when we got back home Pia and I were asking each other “Was it a dream and have we just woken up?”. Once more I want to say that EVS is unforgettable and days like these make it even more amazing 🙂 Yes, yes, this is EVS 🙂 See you soon, Ana

Mid-term training