Multilingual children afternoon

erfolg_erasmus_newMultilingual children afternoon

    Every Tuesday from 08.12.15

deti_shariMultilingual children afternoon is a great opportunity to develop language skills in a relaxing atmosphere. This activity is organized by our Spanish volunteer Javier Porras. He is a primary school teacher in Spain and he has a long experience in working with kids. Besides that, children will discover Spanish and English language, applying different methods to learn and enjoy at the same time. This activity is a perfect way to introduce kids in other cultures by singing multicultural songs, enjoying with different kinds of workshops and playing board games.

dsc07381Target on children: from 6 to 12 years old.

Program: The activity will take place in Erfolg every Wednesday from 15:00 – 16:30. If the time is not appropriate, inform us in order to change the hour.   The program includes a Spanish and English language training, workshops, tours, songs, walks, games.

Address: society „ERFOLG”, Cietokšņa Street 44, Daugavpils

 Entry fee: Free activity

Requires pre-registration, because the number of places is limited!