German Easter decoration

image006Easter competition:

“German Easter decoration”

51Eastern is just around the corner. No matter if one is a catholic, protestant or a Russian-orthodox Christian: They all celebrate Eastern, although with different rituals and not at the same time. For most of the Germans this means a long weekend, maybe even holidays and being together with the family. To build a nice atmosphere they start to decorate the houses. They do handicrafts together like decorating branches, blowing our eggs or bake Easter lambs. Therefore the Society “Erfolg” wants to make a competition on who can create the most creative „German Easter decoration“.

Everyone can participate in this competition!

52Please prepare following information for the registration:

  • Name and age of t he artist
  • for students – name of school, university
  • telephone number or email address


Bring your work until the 17th of April 2014 to the society ERFOLG to register for the competition!



At the 21th of April 2014 we will exhibit all the works and there will be the price giving ceremony! This will take place at Vienibas place where Erfolg will have an Easter workshop on that day.

Society ERFOLG

Cietoksna iela 44, Daugavpils

Tel.: 65420019, 20371892,


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