About us

The Society ERFOLG (Training centre ERFOLG) was established in 18th February 1994. The author of the idea and initiator of the establishment of this society was George Jesse, but the first chairman of the society was Voldemar Elert.

At the beginning in the society there were accepted only members according to the national characteristics, in other words – people, who had some connection to the German ethnos, and the main aim of the society was revival and preservation of its ethnical identity.

Society ERFOLG assembled together Baltic and Russian Germans. The Baltic Germans were those who were born in Baltic States, generally the descendants in Latvia and Estonia. The Russian Germans were considered those descendants who immigrated to Russia in times of Catherine II. The Russian Germans appeared in Latvia mostly at the 2nd half of the 20th century.

In August 2005 the society reorganized by changing its priorities and opening its doors to all who are interested in German culture, its language and history independently from their national origin. The new chairman of the society ERFOLG is Olga Jesse. The society ERFOLG is the only German society in Southeast territory of Latvia, in Latgale.

The main priorities of the society are:

– to popularize German language (successfully functions German language courses that became popular amongst members of the society and Daugavpils city inhabitants, in society there is also its library that can be used by any wishing person), -to popularize German traditions and culture (there is the musical ensemble “Loreley”, also children musical ensemble “Stern”, lots of national-religious and other German holidays became popular),

– to investigate German history in southeast region of Latvia (there is established the History investigation community which focuses on the investigation and popularization of the German culture heritage in region, and also working and archivation of the gathered materials for the future investigation works and educational activity amongst wide society).

The society is visited by people of different age – children and adults, and also by seniors. For each and everyone there are offered different events which correspond to the target audience. The society actively cooperates not only with the local national societies in Daugavpils city and its regions but also actively establishes new contacts with already existing German societies in Baltic region and in Germany itself. Follow us in social networks: