“Music and Performance”

logo+4OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor one week, seven children found ways to express their creativity and their talents in a pleasant atmosphere with four animators from four different countries: Latvia, Germany, Austria, France.

Each day began at 9.00 with the German lesson led by Sophie, the German volunteer, with themes like the colours, nature and the musical instruments, children learnt basic words and after the first day, they already knew how to introduce themselves and say “Auf Wiedersehen”  instead of the traditional “до свидания”.
The day continued with the handicrafts: for one hour children learnt to fabricate a paper lantern and leaves or a decoration kite, for example. The aim is helping children to develop their manual skills and the cooperation between each other because they have to share stuffs.  Generally, children loved these activities because they can give free rein to their imagination and do something unique. At 11.00, there were French lessons led by Amandine, the French volunteer. German and French lessons had the same topics.  After a well deserved meal, they had the possibility to play in the park!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAt 13.00, there was the time for excursions! The children started the week with the excursion to the theatre which they visited with a friendly guide, who was always ready to answer their questions. On Wednesday, the children visited the music school where children talked with musicians and tried instruments: trumpet, violin, contrabass, saxophone.

Thursday is the sport day, dedicated to zumba. All children danced and participated in a “battle”, they were really motivated to learn zumba and proud of them to show their movements. Their teacher was very dynamic and energetic, so they didn’t have a break or the time for rest. After that, they moved back to Erfolg for tea time and to play games to finish quietly the day, especially the hangman game. The last day, children sang a German song, “Ich gehe mit meiner Lanterne”, before their parents, and received their diplomas.

For one week, children shared unforgettable moments without stereotypes and had fun enjoying all activities.

Amandine Boisson