Autumn School – report

logo+4From the 28th of October until the 1st of November, children autumn school took place at our organization Erfolg.
image008The theme was ‘autumn and art’, therefore we tried to provide the children with tools to explore their own artistic sensitivity.
The activities started at 9h and ended at 16h, and 8 children participated.
Every day, we started the day with German lesson in which, during one hour, the children would learn basic vocabulary, and also related with the school’s topic.
We also had energizing games, in order to make the children comfortable with one another, and also to keep them motivated for the day.
image010We visited Daugavpils Theatre, the Children’s Library, Daugavpils Regional Studies, Art Museum and the Clay Centre.
Among other things, the kids drew their favorite landscape of the city, made paper lanterns, and played Saint Martin’s story, with self-made puppets and scenario.
In the end, we had a little party, and the children received a diploma to state that they took part of the School.
image012The global balance is positive, and we are glad to realize that the children felt happy during this week and were fully satisfied in the end.

Erfolg participants: Ana Rekhviashvili, Katrina Berzina, Maria Pascoa, Pia Locher, Therese Hempel