The Preparatory visit of Youth exchange project “Let’s break stereotypes – draw graffiti”


graffiti_logo00002During the summer days in July, from 9th to 10th, the preparatory visit for youth exchange project “Let’s break stereotypes – draw graffiti” took place in Daugavpils city. Preparatory visit was organized by the society “Daugavpils Jauniešu Savienība” together with partner organizations from Romania – “Yellow Shirts”, Austria – “GEMMA – Germeshausen und Mak” and Czech Republic – “European Youth Centre Breclav z.s.” Participants came to discuss the upcoming project that will take place in August.

DSC_0120At the first day of preparatory visit all project partner organization leaders and youth discussed main themes of the project, financial questions, project logistics, project activity plan, excursions and workshops which will be organized for the project participants and some changes to activities that will make the project better and more interesting.

DSC_0230During the first day of preparatory visit participants had an excursion around the Daugavpils city where they were introduced to a city where they and the other participants will spend 8 days in August. At the second day participants had an excursion to a Daugavpils fortress where participants got to know some interesting facts about the local history.

0001At the end of the preparatory visit all partner organizations made an Internal Partnership Agreement where each of partners could write any ideas and suggestions to improve the project, and also the things about responsibility of the organizations during the project. When the Internal Partnership Agreement was signed, participants discussed all remaining questions and preparatory visit has come to its end.