Youth Workers’ training and networking project



Youth workers’ training and networking project


New ways for effective solutions 
Summary: “New ways for effective solutions” is a Youth workers’ training and networking project involving youth NGOs, organizations from various cities which are twinned with Daugavpils. The aim of the project is to develop cooperation between youth organizations in culture and social fields. With this project the organizers aim to put already existed partnership on a new level which is youth involvement and active participation in social life. As a result of the project, participants will gain knowledge and skills necessary for developing a new connections and follow up projects through the Erasmus+ Programme between each other on the topic of youth and social policy in the youth frame. Project will cover: Travel costs – 50% – 100%, Accommodations and food – 100%, visa costs – 100%.

Aims and Objectives:

– to develop the cooperation between representatives of different twin cities of Daugavpils;

-to discuss and encourage partnership between organizations on the topic of youth and social policy in the youth frame;

-To review the reasons for town-twinning in general; to set up the new connections, empower the future cooperation among the youth organizations of Daugavpils and its twin cities;

-To discuss the local realities and share good practices;

– to fight against racism, discrimination and xenophobia;

– to plan the future activities for supporting cooperation between Daugavpils and other twin cities in the field of Youth;

– to motivate young people be active, to implement their own ideas and develop their culture and traditions.

Project Submission: 17.03.2014.


Meeting place:Daugavpils, Latvia

Target Group:Youth Organizations from twin cities of Daugavpils, municipalities representatives, youth workers, young leaders, active youngsters.

Contacts:If you would like to be a partner in this project, please contact us by; as soon as possible (best before 5 March)

Organization: Society “ERFOLG”

Contact person: Olga Jesse (chairperson)

Address:Cietokšņastreet 44, Daugavpils

Country: Latvia

Telephone no.: +371 20371892

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