Project “EENY MEENY MINY MOE – Europe through games”

er-youthProject “EENY MEENY MINY MOE – Europe through games”

Project “EENY MEENY MINY MOE-Europe through games” was implemented by the support of the Programme “Youth in action” and took place in Daugavpils (Latvia) from 30th of May to 9th of June, and it was devoted to the traditional games of different countries. In the present project participated 4 countries: Latvia, Estonia, Romania and Turkey. There were five participants from each country.

Within 10 days of the project “EENY MEENY MINY MOE – Europe through games” countries-participants presented not only their national games but also their country. The games were very different: table and active outdoor games. One of the project activities was to participate in Daugavpils City Festival celebration. Young people took part in parade along the Rigas Street. During the project participants made new acquaintances, met new friends, improved their level of English, got many positive emotions, got acquainted with national games of other countries and increased their horizons.

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