Erasmus+ project „Activate your soft skills”

Erasmus+ project „Activate your soft skills”


Erasmus+ project „Activate your soft skills”

This spring from 17th till 26th April we had an amazing opportunity to participate in Erasmus+ project „Activate your soft skills”, which took place in a relatively small, but very hostile town Giannitsa in Greece.

The aim of the project was to emphasize the importance of “soft” skills nowadays, especially in labour market, and develop them in youth. As a learning instrument in this project was used theatrical art. Within the program were different activities: team work, presentations, writing and implementing scenarios through the theatrical prism, cultural nights, excursions, visit to radio station and being on air, visit to Greek theatre and performance in a real theatre, acquaintance with Greek literature and many other activities.

The project gave a possibility to improve English knowledge, get to know many interesting facts about different countries (Italy, Czech Republic, Spain and others), as well as get new friends and contacts. As a souvenir we brought at least two new foreign words “jamas – cheers!”, “kali mera – hello”, which we will have possibility to use some other time, when we will meet Greeks.

Organisers and trainers were professionals, responsive, creative and always surprising participants with their ideas. Every morning started with different creative games and energizers, which helped to be more active and ready for the tasks of the day and created an entirely different atmosphere for the acquisition of information.

Within this project we learned to express our thoughts, to substantiate our opinion or to find a compromise, to dare, work in a team and to learn in informal way – every moment to listen and to communicate.

We recommend all the youth to use these wonderful possibilities to participate in projects, thus developing yourself and getting a wider view to different things. We would like to thank society “ERFOLG”, our receiving organisation in Greece “EDV”, as well as financers of the project – Erasmus+.

However the project has finished, we still have nice memories and gained knowledge, which is confirmed by in Europe approved YOUTHPASS certificate, which received every participant. Thinking about future partnerships, who knows, maybe next time Greeks will participate in some of society “ERFOLG” projects? 🙂

Kristīne Kluša, Linda Pastare, Santa Mandelberga

Photo from the project

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Visit to radio station


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Greek culture night