Youth exchange project “Water around me” review

This project that went on for 2 weeks was full of events and every next day brought something new.  The organizers did amazing job to make everything work and keep us entertained.

From this project I learnt so much not only about water in different countries but also about cultures and people. It was interesting to interact with all participants in this project, because each one of them is different and have individuality unlike others. This project was well organized in most part, the only problem was with the public event, since no one practically came, but that aside and everything was perfect! I really liked the excursion at “Ilgas” research base and meet interesting professors and the swimming at the pool was amazing! And if that wouldn’t be enough, we even got treated amazing meal after the swimming pool which I will never forget!

Overall, all our needs were addressed, we had place to sleep and the food to eat which was plentiful. All I can say is that I liked the project, it was informative and lots of fun and hope to participate in similar projects in near future.

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