“The School of Christmas Dwarfs” before the Christmas

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There has been organized the ethnic winter children school

“The School of Christmas Dwarfs” before the Christmas

The Society “Erfolg” with the support of German Federal Ministry of the Interior organized an ethnic children school “The school of Christmas dwarfs”. The school took place at the end of December, during the school holidays, from 21.12.2015 to 23.12.2015. The children were from 7-11 years old.

       During the winter school the children had the chance not only to spend their leisure time profitably, but also develop their skills and show their creative abilities. 

       The children had the chance to get acquainted with the Christmas traditions in Germany and Austria. They also shared the Christmas traditions of their families with their new friends, attended the creative master classes of making Christmas tree from papers in the House of Dwarfs. The participants of the children school learnt also German language, made Christmas traditional food – gingerbreads and took part in different creative master classes.            

            Every morning of the children school started with the energizing exercises and then the day continued with the German language lesson. Afterwards, the children made various handicrafts during the creative master classes: making Christmas cards, creative toys for Christmas trees and other things from felt, PYSSLA workshop. Afterwards, they went to have lunch.     

After lunch they took part in various activities: got to know different presentations, took part in Christmas photo session and at the end they watched the movie “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”.

The practice of German language gave the opportunity to the children not only to acquire new skills but also solidify and improve the knowledge that they gained before. Due to the creative master classes the participants of the school made some small Christmas gifts for their relatives and friends. Furthermore, after Christmas photo session the children had the chance to watch their photos in Slideshow.

 At the end of winter school a surprise was waiting for the children. Saint Nicholas came and brought them a lot of gifts. There were organized some interesting games. The children were very happy and excited by this event.

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