Christmas evening – report

logo+4Christmas evening – report

On the last 20th of December took place Christmas evening in our organization ERFOLG.

136It was organized by our volunteers – Ana from Georgia, Pia and Therese from Germany, and Maria from Portugal – and each one of them presented something typical from their home country – the idea was to show something characteristic from each of our countries.

We had Khachapuri (bread with cheese) from Georgia, a carrot cake and caramel apples from Portugal, and Gewürzkuchen (spices cake) from Germany.

Therese and Pia also presented a quiz about German traditions during these holidays, which included questions about the number of Christmas markets in Germany, about typical dishes, and such.

After the quiz, we had the Christmas basket lottery, in each we offered the winner several products typical of the holidays, and also useful for the time of the year. The Christmas baskets are very usual in Portugal; for a symbolic price, people can buy a ticket that offers them the possibility to win this basket, fulfilled with useful items for the holidays. The winner is then decided in a lottery; in ours, happily the winner was at the party.

137In this evening, also took part the distribution of awards to the winners of several contests organised by ERFOLG, all related to German culture from the activity “Culture Marathon”. There were several activities, including contests, quizzes and trips. This activity had the high support of the Ministry of Internal Affairs from Germany.

These participants will now take part in a trip to Riga organized by ERFOLG, if they wish so.

The winners of the contests were:

  • Contest “Piparkūkas mājiņas svētki”: Anastasija Makarova
  • Contest “Vācijas aromāti”: Vladislavs Ivanovs; Kristine Grigorjeva
  • Photo contest “Vācija objektīvā”: 1st place – Svetlana Smirnova; 2nd place – Irina Apeina; 3rd place – Arturs Apeins
  • Quiz “Vācijas mūzika”: Anete Vagale
  • Doll contest “Mans vismīļākais vācu pasakas varonis”: Kristiāna Zvirbule

Two of our volunteers, Boris and Ruslans, dressed as Saint Nicholas and as Servant Rupert, two figures of German Christmas imaginary, in order to both greet the participants and to serve as a motto to explain their meaning, being Saint Nicholas the person who offers gifts to the children who behave, and Servant Rupert the one who punishes them if they don’t. Such holiday happens in the 5th of December.

Then, we explained each dish to our participants, after which they tried them.

138It was a successful event, which both organisers and participants enjoyed.

 Written by Maria Pascoa

 Biedrība “Erfolg”
Cietokšņa iela 44, Daugavpils
Tel: 20371892, 65420019

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