German language school «Step by step learning German language»



The Society «ERFOLG» organized the German learning school „Step by step learning German language” from 03.08.2015 to 14.08.2015. There participated 20 children from 5-12 years. This program has been developed in different ways.

For the first day they started to get in touch with each other. They introduced themselves and told a little bit about their hobbies and activities. Later they were introduced with the program of the summer school.

DSC06397Besides that they learnt also some behaviour rules inside the rooms and of course outside. They draw some pictures about the rules and signed them in order to be able to find them in any time, if they forget about the behaviour. After learning some rules about behaviour they also played some games in couples and some of them in groups. These games helped them to know each other better. German lesson followed after the lunch. The teachers organized some activities, presentation and tasks for the children. They learnt a lot new information about Germany and neighbour countries. After the cognitive presentation they started German language lesson, met the teacher of German language and learnt the alphabet.   After the studies the children took part into the contest “Different Cultures”. They expressed their thoughts about the culture of Latvia and Germany on the paper. It was the end of the first day. The children returned back home with great emotions and in a good mood.

DSC06474The children started every day from the morning exercises and the Spanish song during the whole children school. Later they had different activities on the topic “Germany”, as well as the activities for the improvement of creative abilities and communication skills. The children got acquainted with the capital city of Germany – Berlin, federal states, animal world and worldwide famous authors Brothers Grimm and the characters of their fairytales – animals, traditional holidays of Germany, national sport arts, auto and transport.  The children had also the German language lessons on different topics: seasons, summer and summer activities, animals from Brothers’ Grimm fairytales, musical instruments, sport arts, dishes and transport every day. There were prepared the creative workshops for the development of creative skills. Within the workshops they prepared the animals and birds from paper. During the workshop PYSSLA were created different figures. Besides the creative workshops there were organized Silent Show, where the children showed the animals and other different things. They also painted on different topics and put all their works into their folders making their own portfolio. DSC06753The participants of the school visited also the Clay Art Centre. Within the excursion they had the possibility to create their own art pieces: flowers, saucers and other things. The children made it with the great pleasure. The participants with the teachers went in the parks, played different games, made competitions and got the sweets for the good results during the two weeks. The girls and boys participated also in contest “Bicycle of the future”. For the participation they can get the walk in the horse cart along the streets of Daugavpils city. The children visited also Latgale Zoo and watched different cartoons, for example, The Bremen Town Musicians. After that they fulfilled the tasks and sculptured from the plastilina the main characters of the cartoons. There was organized the game together with parents at the last day of children school. The children together with parents rolled the dice, answered the question, which were divided on themes and tasks of the children school. There were organized also the tea break for them and issued the diplomas and gifts for the participation in the children school.