Were organized the Latvian language courses

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The project is being financially supported by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.
The present publication is made with the support of financial instrument of European Economical zone and Latvian state.  The partner is Daugavpils City Council. For the content of publication is responsible the society “ERFOLG”.

Within the Project „The integration of ethnic minorities in Latgale region: cooperation possibilities of NGO for the solution of problems” (Nr.2013.EEZ/PP/2/MEC/034/049) were organized the Latvian language courses

DSC03042The society „ERFOLG” implements the Project „The integration of ethnic minorities in Latgale region: cooperation possibilities of NGO for the solution of problems” in Daugavpils from 01.11.2014 to 01.11.2015. The aim of the project is to integrate the representatives of the ethnic minorities into life of Latgale region, acquainting them with the Latvian culture, traditions, language, as well as to promote the cooperation between the representatives of ethnic minorities for the solution of problems and raising of NGO capacity by presenting their culture to the inhabitants of Latgale region.

IMG_9530Within the Project were organised Latvian language courses according to the knowledge levels A2 (from 08.12.2014 to 16.03.2015) and knowledge level B1 (from 09.12.2014 to 17.03.2015), which were offered to every person at the age of 18 years and older. The lessons were organised twice a week, 3 academic hours in each lesson. Totally in each course were 80 academic hours. All the participants who passed the final exam got the diploma. In group with the level A2 the diplomas got 14 participants, but in the second group – 16 participants.

The Latvian language was taught by qualified and experienced teacher Oksana Ivanova. As the teaching methods were used tests, individual exercises, work in groups, listening exercises and practical writing exercises, theory and homework.

The topics of the Latvian language courses were very interesting and useful for everyone, among them acquaintance, I and my family, friends, appearance of person, flat, house, work, professions, education, season, food, calendar, free time, tourism, transport, money, health, state, environment, culture, traditions, nationalities, European Union, literature, mass-media and other.

DSC03046Within the project will be made the informative calendar „National minorities in Latgale”, film about the ethnic minorities in Latgale „Latgale cultural heritage”.
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