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From September, 27th to October, 5th twenty 15-30 years old participants from Romania, Denmark, France and Latvia came to Daugavpils for a big project about ART. For ten days, they came to ERFOLG, a German organization, where they shared some unforgettable memories.   

The stay has really started on September, 28th; with games to get to know each other before to play a big city game combining orientation, pictures, videos and fun! After a meal, participants had the opportunity to discover traditions and beauty of Latvia through a Latvian evening prepared by Latvian participants.

Every day the program started with leader meetings and wake up activities to motivate participants and at 11.00, everybody needed to be ready for excursions and workshops. Participants could enjoy excursions for the first part of the project: for example, they had the opportunity to learn who and how is governed the city going to the city council, to understand Daugavpils art and artists going to Mark Rothko center and to Clay Art Center and to have an outlook of beautiful Latvian landscapes going to the countryside.

Every evening, a team presented its country through videos, PowerPoint presentations, food tasting and games. Before, there was a reflection time, an important moment for animators because of that, they know what the participants think about the day, positive and negative things, and for participants also because they can tell what they want on logistic, time management, activities of the day, etc.

1798449The second part of the project focused on workshops: participants had to think about art and make some works like drawing a famous character or personality of their countries and practice urban knitting.

To finish the project, participants prepared an exhibition outside; this has enabled people to discover their works. For participants, this exhibition was the opportunity to speak with Daugavpils inhabitants about art and have an opinion on their work. Daugavpils inhabitants could discover Danish, Romanian and French culture and how Latvian people see their country.

This project is the proof that European youth moves, is dynamic, creative, positive, optimistic, and hopeful and wants to change the world because young people are able to cooperate without fear of differences and not to be afraid of other cultures but to be open minded.

In conclusion, everybody took part in the project in different ways, each participant was involved staying motivated for ten days. Moreover, all people developed cooperation and solidarity exchanging and creating strong relationships with each other, which helped to break the stereotypes.

Amandine Boisson