Youth exchange „MOVI(E)NG”

Thanks to the support of the society “ERFOLG” with the programme “Erasmus +” 10 young people from Latvia had the possibility to take part in international youth exchange project10805628_727034050679731_2268507541467688156_n „MOVI (E) NG” that took place in Poland, Gduv from 06.11.2014 to 15.11.2014. In the Project participated young people from from Poland, Czech Republic and Latvia.

The theme of the project was increasing competitiveness in labor market using the level of foreign languages, widening horizons by watching movies, as well as participating in creative workshops.

In the framework of the project we had the possibility to get to know the possibilities of 10393959_719543518114071_9210128553476592337_nemployment in Europe, to create new career development forms and perspectives in the sphere of ecology and art, and to participate in the film festival in Poland, excursions, creative workshops.

The project participants liked the trip to Poland very much, because they went there by car. They almost crossed the territory of Poland and had the possibility to stop by several tourism objects to see them. It was nice to observe mountainous nature views that are not in Latvia.

The organization of the project was at highest level. The participants communicated in10404093_810384165695511_1166186353963425836_n English because the working language of the project was English language. This helped the young people to improve their communication skills in foreign language.

During the project time the participants discussed the opportunities in the labor market; what skills youth need in order to enter the labor market and to match the requirements of labor market. They played the role game – job interview that gave them the first possibility to tell about them not only in their native language. They get to know also the nature environment- they visited different ecosystems- mountains, forests, meadows. There was a definite activity in each object: to find eatable mushrooms in the wood, to get to know the vulnerary plants in the meadow, to reach the set height of the mountain by overcoming the difficulties. In order to accomplish these activities the young people from different countries had to have the knowledge, endurance and creativeness.

10345739_666872596743544_3541312917931031979_nThe representatives of each country presented their own countries culture, traditions and traditional food to the participants of the project. The participants of Latvia represented Latvia with courage and sense of responsibility telling about their adorable country.

One of the most interesting activities was flash mob when the participants were dressed up in carnival costumes and carried out certain tasks which gave positive emotions for several days.

Every day the young people had to visit some interesting activities. We participated in Polish film festival, visited rock festival, local cultural and recreational activities. In other words the project participants spent the time in a very interesting way.

Prepared by Elvis Andrejs Pulaho