In Daugavpils finished project “Viva lingua” – Language Festival activities


In the time period from 22.08.2016 to 30.08.2016 Society “ERFOLG” with ERASMUS+: Youth in Action financial support organized activities of the international youth exchange project “Viva lingua” – Language Festival.

30 active, creative and interesting young people from Latvia, Bulgaria, Italy, Romania and Turkey participated in this project. They lived together for 8 days and tried to get to know each other and each others’ cultures using non – formal education methods.

The aim of this project was to give young people opportunity to get to know different cultures through the language studies thus fighting youth unemployment, to help young people develop their basic skills – knowledge of foreign languages, communication, ability to adapt, live and work with people representing different nationalities and cultures.

Every day of the project was special because it was different from the previous one. Participants got new knowledge while taking part in different non – formal activities, such as “Language Quiz”, “Tongue Twisters”, “Strategies of Polyglots”, “Cultural iceberg” and many other activities. Every day of the project was devoted to a particular language learning lessons.

The main project activities were held on August 27 at the Dubrovin Park – when the Open space activity “Back to School” took place. The main idea of this event was to give different language lessons for all the people who are interested in foreign language studies. Representatives of each country worked in their tent where they presented their culture and language. All the people who participated in these language learning activities got prizes.

On the last project day every participant received Youthpass – that is certificate recognized in Europe that will help young people realize competencies and skills which they developed and improved during the project.

In terms of the project “Viva lingua” – Language Festival young people developed their basic skills: foreign language knowledge, communication, intercultural dialogue espousal as well as cognition and acceptance of the new cultures. With the knowledge gained during the project “Viva lingua” – Language Festival young people will be able to integrate into intercultural society more easily, and will have more chances to make successful career in the future.

Project “Viva lingua” – Language Festival was organized by “ERFOLG” society with ERASMUS+: Youth in Action financial support. In Latvia this program is represented by Jaunatnes starptautisko programmu aģentūra (JSPA),


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