The project „Inspire generation”

The project is being financially supported by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

The present publication is made with the support of financial instrument of European Economical zone and Latvian state.  For the content of publication is responsible the society “ERFOLG”.

Inspire generation”

The society „ERFOLG” implements the project „Inspire generation” in Daugavpils from 25.10.2014 to 25.09.2015. The aim is to promote the acquisition of useful skills among the inhabitants of preretirement age and retirement age in Daugavpils city, as well as the young people who are at risk of social exclusion, to promote their motivation and integration into the society, as well as to promote the dialogue between the generations, to motivate the participants to cooperate and solve urgent problems together.

To achieve the stated aims the main activities of the project include trainings about the communication and the culture of cooperation, psychological trainings about the management of emotions, common creative workshops (dances, social painting, pottery, theatre), which will positively influence participants’ mood, health and attitude towards different kinds of situations in their lives. The participants will become more socialized, will communicate with each other and will search for the solutions of conflict situations. They will be involved in the social activities. There will be organized the graduation event for the project participants at the end of the project, where they will present within the project prepared performances, creative works and get the diplomas. There will be created the story video with the examples of good practice about the integration of inhabitants of preretirement and retirement age, as well as young people who are at risk of social exclusion in Daugavpils city within the project. Furthermore, there will be created the guidelines for the active and healthy life with the useful information and advices.

In the implementation of the activities will be involved the professional psychologists of the society “Workshop of psychological correction “Health school””. The project will promote the acquisition of useful skills among the representatives of Daugavpils city, who are at risk of social exclusion and their integration into the society. The new experience will help the project participants to explore themselves and better understand other people, will discover new methods and make contribution to the development of participants and achievement of future aims.

All planned project activities are aimed at the development of the representatives of target audience, acquirement of social skills and integration into society. At the end of the project the participants will recognize themselves as equal members of the society and united nation. It will be easier for them to make the contacts with other people.

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