Ethnic autumn children school „The school of financial success”



The Society «ERFOLG» in cooperation with the AS „PrivatBank” and with the support of German Federal Ministry of the Interior organised the ethnic autumn children school «School of financial success» from 26.10.2015 to 30.10.2015. There took part 7-12 years old children.

DSC01818The programme of the school was very attractive and full of different activities and the children loved it very much. Every participant was given a diary with various logical tasks and they filled it every day during the week. There was a possibility to evaluate gained knowledge with the help of the present diary. Every day the children together with the teachers sang a Spanish song about autumn, had lunch, participated in creative workshops, excursions, studied the basics of German language.

Each day of the children school started with the morning exercises in order to be energetic during the whole day.

At the beginning of the children school the children got in touch with each other. They also learnt the rules of behaviour and safety regulations. They found these activities very interesting. The participants learnt also about the activities of the children school programme.

The representative from the «PrivatBank» came every day and held some activities in the field of financial success. Besides that children had the German classes. During those lessons they obtained basic knowledge in German. They did it with the help of methods of non-formal education. The week started with learning Spanish song, which they did with great pleasure and interest. The first day was over with the game during which they threw a dice and drew a cute monster.

DSC01907On the next day the children went to the Art centre of Mark Rothko. Here they got acquainted with the works of modern painters. After the excursion they had a walk in the castle and enjoyed good weather and the historic-cultural monument of Daugavpils and Latvia. Furthermore, they made bookmarks with different funny animals. The children were very interested in that as they have never seen such kind of bookmarks before. The participants made a maple leaf from paper on Wednesday. It took a lot of time and efforts, but all of them were proud of the results. They also had an interesting workshop with the crepe paper at the same day. There were prepared small and colourful pieces from crepe paper for the children before the workshop and they used those papers for making various animals (ducks and snakes). All of them finished their works only on Friday but the main thing is that they were very satisfied with the results.

Children made also different types of flashlights from the paper but at the same time they continued to finish the works from the crepe paper.

DSC02026The last day of ethnic autumn school was very diverse. Kids not only finished their works from the crepe paper but they also went to the Clay centre, saw the exhibition and made their own figures (hearts, animals etc.) from clay as well. The representative of AS “PrivatBank” also finished her prepared programme and gave the children gifts for the efforts on learning the rules of financial success. The children school finished with tea break. There were issued also the diplomas and gifts for the participation in ethnic autumn school. The children took with them all their folders, pictures and diaries for good memories from the autumn ethnic school «School of financial success».