Impressions of the participants of the international youth exchange project «Dance World»



Laima (Latvia)

I am fully satisfied with the Project «Dance World». It is a great opportunity to have rest and do not think about school, study and everyday routine. I made a lot of friends and very quickly got a common language. I think that every day of Project was inimitable. Each of them was sincere and very friendly. In future I will always take part in such kind of projects. It is a great chance to show yourself.

Karina (Latvia)

The Project succeeded. At first I thought that there will be some problems as I was one of the youngest participants. But fortunately everything went well and nothing negative influenced us. I really liked the teacher of dances. Her name was Tatiana.

Dances on the stage were perfect. I think that everyone were satisfied. Putting in a nut shell I would say that it was very funny and we made a lot of friends. I am happy that I took part in this Project. The participants were very kind and friendly. I hope that I manage to inspire the participants with my energy.

Abdulkadir (Turkey)

Everything was perfect. I really liked the project. I got in touch with a lot of people from different countries and learned their culture. I even do not want to go back. I will miss all of them very soon. I also managed to introduce them my culture and beautiful country. Now all of us are friends on facebook. We will remember this beautiful project for a long time.   

Claudia (Spain)

I think that the project succeeded. It was planned very well, but I would like to have more time to be at the hotel, make more cultural workshops and have a lot of conversations with the participants. I really liked the coordinators and enjoyed the time being there. I am very grateful for the care.

Ondrey (Czech Republic)

I would like to thank everyone for a good project. I really enjoyed it, made new friends and learned their culture. I had a good time and discovered new places. I am happy for being one of the participants of this project. Thank you.