Project “Dance World”

erfolg_erasmus_newFrom the 23rd May to the 31st May 2015 the society “Erfolg” organized the youth exchange “Dance World”. One of the most important things in this project was give an opportunity to get to know European countries culture through dances and develop their own dancing skills. During theses nine days, 29 participants from Latvia, Greece, Turkey, Spain and Czech Republic in the age from 16 to 29 plus leaders had the opportunity to create a common choreography with some basic steps related with rumba, samba, jive and pop dance.

otraAt the beginning there was a lot of participants who were afraid about their dancing skills, although step by step they helped each other to become more confident. Moreover, the youngster have been able to learn different types and styles of dance in a short time and all the acquired knowledge was focused to created a public performance in the zoomaifest.

daugavOf course, the timetable was full of activities related with dances, but they also proposed energizers, ice-breaking, etc.  In each workshop the different countries could explain to the other participants something characteristic of their culture and they also presented it in the zoomaifest.

11039268Each group prepared also a cultural evening where they presented their country as such, their culture and traditions. The youngsters were creative and showed their traditions through games, dances and a lot of food.

The youngsters also made some sightseeing in Daugavpils and get to know some interesting places like Daugavpils clay center or Daugavpils Central Secondary School.

Finally, zoomaifest was the moment to present the effort during the week. Dancing is a hard work, but it’s also rewarding. They made a brilliant performance and didn’t even notice the people arount them. They were full of energy and they could share with the audience all their feelings.

To conclude, I think they did a great job and they enjoyed the creative process throughout the exchange.  Furthermore, this youth exchange have contributed to the cooperation and cultural awareness between european participants and all of them have created a real bond for all their life.IMG_4758