The project „Inspire generation” was successfully implemented!

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The project „Inspire generation” was successfully implemented!

(contract number 2013.EEZ/PP/1/MIC/070/036 )


The society „ERFOLG” implemented the project „Inspire generation” in Daugavpils from 25.10.2014 to 25.09.2015. The aim was to promote the acquisition of useful skills among the inhabitants of preretirement age and retirement age in Daugavpils city, as well as the young people who are at risk of social exclusion, to promote their motivation and integration into the society, as well as to promote the dialogue between the generations, to motivate the participants to cooperate and solve urgent problems together. The complex of activities united the representatives of older and younger generations.

The Project implementer plans to use the profit (membership fee) and to attract the other resources (mainly project applications), voluntary service for the development of the activity of the society and fulfillment of further project activities.

There were organized 159 activities, in which were involved 157 young people and 137 people of preretirement and retirement age, in total 294 representatives of target group.

The project activities helped the participants to make new contacts, gain new skills and abilities, in that way they were motivated to become civic active members of the society and to take part also in other activities and events.

Within the Project were organised different activities for young people and people of preretirement age and retirement age, which promoted the integration of young people who are at risk of social exclusion into the social processes and motivation to gain new skills and abilities, which can be used also in their future lives. There were promoted also the dialogue between generations, the participants were motivated to cooperate with each other. The implementation of the project promoted the activity of the participants and gave them the possibility to gain new skills. The participants raised their self-confidence during the participation in the present project and acquisition of new skills. It will help them by the integration into the society.

There were created a film “Inspire generation”, the example of good practice and the guidelines for the active and healthy life with the useful information and advices.

Due to the project the representatives of the target group improved themselves with the help of professional psychologists and trainers and realized themselves through creative activities and active lifestyle.

The experience of the partner helped the implementer of the project in work with the representatives of the target group by the realization of the complex of the activities of social rehabilitation. The partnership was very successful; it helped to achieve the stated aims and objectives.

Society „ERFOLG”

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Address: Cietokšņa Street 44, Daugavpils The project is being financially supported by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. The present publication is made with the support of financial instrument of European Economical zone and Latvian state.  For the content of publication is responsible the society “ERFOLG”.