Christmas workshops

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This year the Society „ERFOLG” wants to combine different Christmas traditions from various cultures.  There are several workshops and events planned for December 2013 in our Society to celebrate the Christmas time together.


    •     6th of December, 17:00: Saint Nicholas, typical German holiday ( games,                     traditional German pastry, the story of St martin )
    • 9th of December, 15:00: German lessons and games, for children
    • 10th of December, 18:00: Handicraft workshop for adults, stars for the          Christmas tree
    • 11th of December, 15:00: Handicraft workshop for children, window decoration
    • 13th of December, 18:00:  Decoration of Christmas card
    • 16th of December, 18:00: Handicraft workshop for adults, Christmas angels
    • 17th of December, 18:00: Georgian evening ( traditional Georgian food and wine, interesting facts about Georgia)
    • 18th of December, 15:00: Handicraft for children, decoration of candles
    • 19th of December, 18:00: Decoration of Christmas balls
    • 20th of December, 18:00: Christmas evening 



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