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Darts, turtle race and snakes from seed beads.

On Saturday 18th of May society “Erfolg” organized traditional family holiday “ZOOMAIFEST” in Latgalian Zoological garden. This holiday was organized with the assistance of Latgalian zoological garden, Youth department of Daugavpils City Council and in collaboration with the organization “Art Synthesis of Serge Lee”.  The present festival was realized already for the third time, but this year it was dedicated not only to May and animals, as it was before, but also to Day of Europe. The title of the holiday is originated from German holiday Maifest. It is a day when in Germany is celebrating the incoming of spring.

5dXm6bh.jpgThe holiday started with the speech of German society chairwoman Olga Jesse. The concert started after opening speech. In this concert took part different collectives of different age. The first participant on the stage was the winner of Reader contest “We love German language and culture” the pupil of Daugavpils Secondary School Nr. 10 Karina Grigorjeva with the poem of Heinrich Heine “Lorelei”. After the poem on the stage appeared musical ensemble of the same name from society “ERFOLG” performed some musical compositions in German.  In the concert took part such collectives as “Me Roma”, “VIVAT”, dancing studio “Z Life Energy”, “Art Synthesis of Serge Lee”, ensemble of Skrudalina primary school, Maris Kairans and other performers. All concert participants were rewarded with the cakes “ZOOMAIFEST” and diplomas.

1iflRa.jpgThe whole territory of Zoological garden was divided into two zones: the game zone, where visitors could have fun and play, or take part in contests and quizzes and the second zone for art workshops, where all visitors could show their artistic skills. The most important for children was that fact, that they could join the lottery and get great presents. To take part in a lottery the participants and visitors of festival should visit 2 games, 2 art workshops and 2 stations for choice. For participation in every station they get butterfly-sticker, stickered it into form and waited for the results of lottery at the end of the concert. Lottery winners got various presents from Jāņa Rozes bookshop, Golden Dragon restaurant, Fitness Centre of Oleg Burinskis, JSC „Privatbank”, shop „Evita G” discount coupon.

OoRTw.jpgThere were many ways of spending time during the festival: the animal world admirers could visit the ZOO, but all curious could visit microscope zone not only to learn microworld, but also to join the concourse. Every person who had a wish to change their appearance could paint the faces with the help of specialist of face-art and make handsome hairdo. The most active visitors of festival participated in family relay race games, for example, tried their strength in darts. People who prefer more measured rest saw the concert and took part in any art workshop or tried their erudition in the games „Animals” or „Europe” (intellectual game about EU).

The most long-expected event definitely was turtle race which appeared at 14.00 and all visitors could see the competitions of turtles.  Every turtle had its own number and they made five races and as it turned out, they are not so slow as it seems at first sight. Before and after the races all visitors could touch and hold these funny animals.

as7qxFi.jpgBut better about the event will tell its participants. Well, let them tell about it:

Ingrida (ERFOLG’s photographer – volunteer) – „I like the idea that the festival is located in ZOO because it is the great chance to spend time with whole family and have fun. It also popularizes the ZOO. I liked performances of creative children collectives.”

Maria (volunteer from Portugal): „Of course, it is a great idea! It was also a good first experience. In spite of the fact that I don’t know Russian and Latvian yet, that day seeing people in yellow t-shirts (ERFOLG’S volunteers) I felt myself as a part of a crew.”

Natalia (festival coordinator):  „I’m very tired after that day – I had to solve many organization questions. But of course ZOOMAIFEST – it is a priceless experience and I’m glad because the event is finished without any incident.”

Society „ERFOLG” plans to develop and organize the holidays for the whole family also in future!